21 Days of Prayer – Year of Breakthrough

21 Days of Prayer

January 15 – February 4, 2018
Monday – Friday at 6:30pm on Facebook live.

Why focus on prayer?

In every situation, whether good or bad, we ought to seek God’s heart. That happens through prayer. Many times we act first and then want God to bail us out of that situation. Instead, prayer should be our first response, not our last resort.

Understanding the necessity of prayer is not enough. In order for it to become a part of our life, it needs to become something we look forward to doing.

Maybe you don’t enjoy prayer because you have never been taught how to pray. That’s where this prayer journal can help. By using several prayer models out of the Bible, some guides to make prayer more personal, and a place to record your thoughts and prayers, this booklet is designed to bring joy into your time with God.

When you discover the beauty of daily conversation with him, you’ll experience the presence of God and that will change your life. Once you start praying, prayer will become a part of everyday life. And then…
Before the day begins…
Before you go to bed…
Before you go to work or school…
Before you send that text…
Before you eat, drive or travel…
When bad things happen…
Before bad things happen…

Prayer will change everything and becomes your path to a life in the light of God! We encourage you to use the prayer pages in the back to record your prayers and God’s answers throughout this 21-day journey.


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4: Day 21

How To Use This Guide

21 Days of Prayer isn’t meant to be a resolution or fad. It’s designed to be a life changer. Our goal for this guide is for it to tear down the walls, misconceptions, and stereotypes we’ve built around prayer. We want you to know that “hands folded and eyes closed” isn’t the way to have a conversation with God.

Each day contains a devotional that we hope will help you learn about new ways to pray. It will also inform you about how prayer is an essential part of your relationship with Jesus and help you develop a habit that will last. Along with every devotional is space for you to write your prayers or revelations and insights from your time in prayer.

If you are following the guide on your phone, tablet, or a computer we encourage you to start a written prayer journal or take notes and jot down prayers in an app like Evernote. We’ve included extra pages in the back so you have plenty of space to expand on what you’re learning and keep track of how God is answering your prayers (because He will).

Share your journey online by using the hashtag #citichurch21days in your posts!

Share your journey online by using the hashtag #citichurch21days in your posts!

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