January 17 – Day 3

January 17 – Day 3: The Lord’s Prayer
Hallowed Be Your Name

The name of the Lord is a strong fortress;

the godly run to him and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)

“…hallowed be Your name…”


Hallowed means to honor as holy, to make holy, or to greatly revere. Do you give credence to the name of God?

What are his names? Here is a short list to start, (but take some time on your own to find the names of God in your Bible, and learn why he has that certain name as you study the Scriptures).

Righteousness – He makes me clean Sanctifier – He has called me and set me apart Healer – He heals all my diseases

Banner of Victory – He has defeated my enemy Shepherd – He speaks to me and leads me Peace – He is my peace in every storm Provider – He supplies all of my needs

Today, thank God for his name(s) and praise and worship him for the way he reveals himself to us.

think about it:

How can you honor God’s name?

Which of God’s names has the most meaning to you right now? Why?

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